Own the plane - Share the costs

6 seats @ 165 knots for half
the price of a Cirrus rental!

Aircraft Equipment

1977 PA-32R-300 Lance N40033 - $192 per Hour

Full IFR equipped Airplane
IFR GPS\Com Garmin GNS 5301
Nav\Com 2 King 170B
Glide slope Indicator GI 106
Glide slope KI 209
Switch Panel GMA 340
Transponder Garmin GTX 3452 (ADS-B upgrade!)
Autopilot Autoflite IIIB
Engine Monitor JPI 830 - Complete Engine Monitoring!
Electric Door Seals
Tanis Engine Heater
LoPresti Mods including Howl Cowl, Zip Tips, Gear and Flap Fairings
1 Now connected to the Flywell iPads via FlightStream Mobile 210!
2Cockpit Management: Flightstream Mobile 210 - Connects the GTX-345
to ForeFlight on the IPad for navigation, weather, and traffic;
AND provides backup AHRS. Flying just got easier!

Actual trips taken by club members:
    • Florida for spring break (9 Hours each way)
    • Western Montana for July vacation (7 flight hours with 1 stop)
    • Colorado for Christmas break (4.5 flight hours)
    • Texas for family fun
    • Mountain bike excursions in Hayward, Wisconsin!(45 minute flight)
    • College shuttle for a club member’s daughter AND her belongings!
    • Upstate NY for the 4th of July
    • Weekend trip to Deadwood SD
    • North Carolina for a member's
       family to attend a son's tournament (6 hours each way)
Note: these are just a sample of the many trips taken by our club members